The Human Resources Office Of University Of Sumatera Utara -

Article 28 Paragraph (5) of the Government Regulation Number 16 of 2014 concerning the Statute of Universitas Sumatera Utara states that “Administrators consist of administration bureaus at university-level and faculty-level organizational units, or other working units.”


As one of the administration bureaus at a university-level organizational unit, the Human Resources Office is responsible for the management of human resources that are composed of civil servant permanent academic staff, civil servant permanent non-academic staff, non-civil servant non-permanent academic staff, and non-civil servant non-permanent no academic staff. The Human Resources Office has duties and functions in managing staff administration, planning and development, and activities regarding the welfare of USU human resources.


The Human Resources Office is led by a Head of Office who reports to the Vice-Rector II.


In carrying out its duties and functions in managing staff administration, planning and development, and activities regarding the welfare of USU human resources, the Human Resources Office is divided into 2 (two) divisions: Staffing Division and Development and Welfare Division.


Main Duties, Functions, and Organizational Structures


Main Duties and Functions

As a university-level administration unit, the Human Resources Office carries out administrative tasks in the field of human resources, including:

compiling, implementing, monitoring, evaluating, and developing human resource management system;

formulating human resource management policies;

conducting staff management;

monitoring and evaluating staff administration;

coordinating and facilitating efforts and activities to improve the quality of human resources;

composing and coordinating the implementation of a performance evaluation system, a "reward and punishment" system, and career development planning;

composing and monitoring the implementation of a performance-based remuneration and welfare system;

supporting the training and control of employees;

managing an integrated human resource information system; and

creating programs and monitoring Learning and Development Center activities.



A vision is an ideal view of the future that an organization wishes to realize serving as the guide and motivation for all organizational components to run harmoniously and have the same commitment in achieving the predetermined goals.

In this context, the vision of the Human Resources Office is “to produce competent and professional university staff”.

This vision is expected to motivate the staff of the Human Resources Office in particular, and the staff of Universitas Sumatera Utara in general.



To develop the culture of excellent service to stakeholders

To realize a transparent, accountable, fair, and professional human resource management

To improve the quality of the staff of the Human Resources Office with noble personality who work earnestly as the state civil apparatus.



The aims and objectives of the Human Resources Office are:

To carry out general staff administration in addition to staff development based on their respective duties.

To create quick, precise, and quality administrative services in various fields to achieve customer satisfaction




Management Staff

 Head of Human Resources Office  :  Dra. Syafnita Hanura Silalahi, MSP
 Head of the Personnel Division  :  -
 Head of Social Welfare and Development Division  :  Vindi Dwi Antonio, S.Kom
 Head of Academic Staff/Lecturers Subdivision  :  Nurdi
 Head of Non-Academic Staff Subdivision  :  Muhammad Rusdi, SE
 Head of Planning and Development Subdivision (Temp.)  :  Dina Amriyani Hasibuan, S.Kom
 Head of Welfare and Remuneration Subdivision  :  -


Non Academic Staff Directory